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Are PHEV cars good for the environment are electric cars better?

Are PHEV cars good for the environment are electric cars better?
29th September 2022

PHEV - Are they good for the environment?

If the driver uses the car in a way that delivers the maximum efficiency then PHEV's can work really well. We always recommend to our fleet customers to charge the car where possible to keep the CO2 down, but, we know that many just use them as a regular self charging hybrid.

With new technology, we are seeing much improved AER figures (All electric range) and for anyone doing say 35 miles or so a day (appx 12,000mpa), you can use full EV option on many new models. For those doing higher mileage, anything more and the CO2 rating is similar to a self charging hybrid.

Reducing CO2 on journeys will only improve if rapid DC charging is made available to PHEV models, this will encourage drivers to stop and top up.

So what can you do to really push your Road To Net Zero and CSR policy? Well, the answer is to go full EV, we at DSG Group have done this and are well placed to discuss how you can make the change, and yes, before you question it, some of our drivers do 30,000 miles per year, it does work.

Read our story here about why we decided to go for full electric cars on our fleet.

Are you a PHEV driver? Do you charge regularly to get the maximum EV range out of your car?  Or do you just run the car as a regular Hybrid?

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