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kW or kWh What do these mean on an electric car description

kW or kWh What do these mean on an electric car description
28th September 2022

What do the numbers mean on an electric car description and how does that equate to the pence per mile running costs?

We will explain…. Stick with the long read, its worth reading

Take this popular electric fleet car for example;

KIA EV6 166kW GT Line 77.4kWh 5dr Auto

You will see two numbers,

166kW – This is the power of the motor, think BHP/PS, this is how powerful it is, a pretty simple metric, the higher the number, the quicker it can go.

77.4kWh – This is the size of the battery. It shows you how many kilowatt hours of energy it can store. An easy way to think view this is to think of a fuel tank size, your average car holds 40 - 60 litres. The bigger the kWh number, the further the car can travel (if you had a car with two battery option sizes).

Let’s compare ICE vs BEV ‘tank’ size and see which is cheaper to run;

The Kia has a 77.4kWh battery and an official WLTP - Pure Electric Range (Combined) of 328 miles, so each kWh of battery will take the car 4.23 miles and using current domestic market cap cost per kWh of 0.28 pence, the cost to fill up from empty would be £21.67 (77.4 x 0.28), so the cost per mile 0.07 pence (£21.67 / 328)

Now, let’s take a typical ICE fleet car, an Audi A4 35 TDI, this has a fuel tank size of 40 litres and an official WLTP MPG (Combined) of 54.3, so a full tank will take the car (40 litres x 4.54 = 8.8 gallons / 8.8 x 54.3) 477.84 miles, the cost to full up at £1.85 per litre would be £74.00, so the cost per mile would be 0.15 pence. (£74 / 477.84).

So, BEV – 7 pence per mile, ICE – 15 pence per mile….. half price!

This should help explain what the numbers in an electric car description refer to and help you work out the cost of running both types of car.

Or, you can use our free fleet savings calculator and let it work all this out for you, and so much more….

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