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Our Switch & Save Story - Save money by choosing Electric cars

Our Switch & Save Story - Save money by choosing Electric cars
22nd February 2023

We have been there.....

Switching your fleet to low, or zero emission vehicles can be an easy journey, you just need the right support and guidance to help you on your Road to Zero Strategy.  

The team here at have plenty of experience on this subject, not only have we supplied lots of full Electric and PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles) to our own customers, but as a group, we have also made the change to an almost Zero emission fleet. 

We now run 58 electric cars, and for those are concerned about range, some of our drivers cover in excess of 25,000 miles per annum, so it can be done.  

This is what our CEO, Richard Hoggart has to say about our Road To Zero journey;

At DSG Group our transition to a zero carbon fully electric fleet started in 2017 when we took delivery of our first Tesla. It quickly became clear that transitioning our entire fleet to fully electric cars was going to deliver huge benefits. The process then took time, as we began to understand the huge economic benefit in terms of both company tax and fuel advantages and of course the taxation advantages for the driver. More recently we have accelerated the process by early terminating existing diesel cars, simply because the numbers work.

Having a zero emission fleet is not just economically sensible, but equally environmentally so. There is a lot of justified attention on how SME's and corporations are managing their carbon emission footprint. Expectations are rising and we recognised this would be an excellent way to set the standard and move towards a net zero position as a company. Zero emission cars have the added benefit of not adding to air quality issues and so avoid the increasingly punitive positions that councils are adopting in major conurbations.

For us this transition to having a fully electric fleet of over 58 cars now has been a financial and ethical revolution. There is simply no reason to organically wait for old fleets to expire, the numbers will allow much faster transition.

So, if you are ready to make the change for your fleet, no matter how small it might be, we are here to help.  We have created a great electric car leasing Switch & Save calculator to see how much can be saved for the Business, the Driver and the Environment.

Have a look here and see what your Switch & Save calculation looks like, we will even send you a detailed report of all the savings.

For all our great low and zero CO2 car leasing deals visit, here you will only find new cars and vans with a CO2 level of less than 50 G/km, we are truly behind helping business's on their Road To Zero and only want to promote vehicles that support this.

If you want a chat about switching your fleet, then call us on 0161 406 3936, we love talking EV's and PHEV's!

We are the business leasing experts for 0-50 g/km CO2 vehicles.