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Short term pre-contract hire cars from

Short term pre-contract hire cars from
29th September 2022

Are you considering ordering an Electric (BEV) or Plugin Hybrid (PHEV) for your fleet and concerned about lead times?

In the past, a new car would take typically 16 weeks to arrive, now, it can be up to 12 months, so if you can, it's best to plan well ahead.

These are just two reasons why lead times are extended on these models;

First, they are in demand, BEV registrations were up 49.9% YTD compared to last year at a time when the overall market was down 11.5%. I am 100% sure BEV registrations would have been higher had we had supply. This is demand is fuelled mainly by the massive cost savings that can be had for a businesses when switching to a BEV. If you want to see what these savings look like, take a look at our calculator.

Second, the component supply chain has been hit hard, a mix of semi-conductor shortages, Covid and the war in Ukraine have all taken its toll on the companies that produce the parts that the OEM's need to build their cars.

So, forward planning is essential, it makes our life easier and you will also secure the vehicle capital cost and finance rate available today. This will save your business money and give you greater choice of car.

For those who have not got the luxury of time, or have an expanding fleet and need cars now, we can help.

We have a very cost effective short-term rental proposition for customers who order a new car with This is just an example of today's stock, prices per day and exclude VAT;


Nissan Leaf N Connecta 62kWh - £20.99

MG MG5 Exclusive Estate 61kWh - £24.99

Cupra Born V1 58kWh - £25.99


MG HS Exclusive - £26.99

Peugeot 3008 GT - £26.99

DS DS7 Crossback Rivoli - £28.99

Allow 20,000mpa Pro rata, minimum 3 month term, includes maintenance, Limited company only.

So, long lead times are here to stay, but they don't need to be a barrier to keeping you mobile, we can help keep your business moving. If you want more info just ask,

There is a solution!