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What happens when I place an order for a new vehicle?

What happens when I place an order for a new vehicle?
23rd January 2020

Our Order Process

We have a simple process for managing your order that has been streamlined since we started supplying vehicles in 2003, it all starts with a quotation;

Vehicle quote

We will send you a quote over and if you are happy to proceed, then we simply need your credit application information, you can apply from the quote.

Credit outcome 

Credit application take between 2 and 24 hours to come back, once we have had a decision from the finance company, we will update you. In most cases, it is a straightforward approval and we can proceed with the order. If the application is referred or declined, then we will work with you to either appeal the decision or look at an alternative deal.

Vehicle ordered with dealership  

We will send regular updates on a weekly basis with the current status of your vehicle, keeping you informed when your vehicle has been built, shipped to the UK, and arrived at the dealership so delivery can be offered to you as soon as it arrives.

The regular updates sent each week will show you the various stages of the process and you will see the order progress over time, this is an example of the stages for vehicles built in Europe (shipping times can vary for cars built elsewhere);

Factory Order awaiting build – Appx 12-20 Weeks lead time

Production Confirmed – Appx 9-11 Weeks lead time

In build – Appx 5 – 8 lead time for European built

Awaiting shipment to UK - Appx 3 – 4 Lead time

In transit to dealer – Appx 2 – 3 weeks Lead time

At dealer compound Appx 7 – 10 days Lead time

Arranging the finance agreement

Whilst you wait for the vehicle, we will start the document process.

Once the finance has been approved, you may be asked to provide proof of ID and address so the finance documents can be raised. Some of our lenders now use e-sign platforms, which enables you to click to sign, making the process quicker and more efficient. We will let you know when the agreements have been passed and we are ready to deliver the vehicle. It is important at this stage to make sure that you take time to get the finance documents right, if, for example a signature does not match, then the process may have to be repeated.

Vehicle delivery 

Deliveries are usually offered within 7 working days of their arrival at the dealership, this gives them time to pre-delivery inspect and prepare the vehicle ready for a smooth handover experience for you.

A delivery date is offered at suitable time for you, usually Monday-Friday 9-5pm. All vehicle deliveries are driven unless a quotation had been requested for a transported delivery.

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