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Dealership Supply Terms & Conditions

Dealership Vehicle Supply Agreement

Agreement Between

DSG Financial Services Limited or any of its subsidiary companies or trading names of Unity House, Birdhall Lane, Cheadle, SK3 0UX and the Dealership/Supplier that is agreeing to these terms.

The following details the DSG Financial Services Limited standard terms of conditions that must be accepted before a new dealership or supplier is set up, or a new order is placed.   

1. Information request.

1.1. All vehicle supply, stock availability and manufacturer finance quote requests must be responded to within two working hours.

1.2. We will request these via phone, email or via the portal.

1.3. Your response time will be monitored and failure to comply may result in the termination of your dealership or a change in your supply level status.

2. Vehicle Ordering.

2.1. All orders will be sent to the Primary Contact on our CRM system. It is your responsibility to update the contact details, you can either email [email protected] or update the details on our Portal.

2.2. All orders must be acknowledged with four working hours, if the order conditions that cannot be satisfied, the order must be rejected. This will be reviewed by our purchasing department and any necessary changes made and where applicable a revised order sent.

2.3. Once an order has been accepted, it is binding, the vehicle must be delivered at the agreed supply terms. Any variation in pricing thereafter is the supplier’s responsibility.

2.4. On occasion, where available, DSG Financial Services Limited will request a change of order details, these must be handled in the same way as a new order.

2.5. If an order is placed with a third-party supplier or fleet management company, then it the responsibility of the supplier that is handling the order to ensure that the DSG Financial Services Limited Supply terms are adhered to. Our supply agreement will therefore be with you, the third-party supplier or fleet management company and as such any costs or conditions mentioned in this agreement will be charged or apply to you.

3. Vehicle Status Updates.

3.1. Vehicle update request will be sent out via email requesting the supplier to update our Portal, this will be sent on a weekly basis and must be kept up to date.

3.2. It is your responsibility to provide an accurate update on build status and the delivery ETA. This information is then displayed to direct to our customers on the Portal.

3.3. Any significant change in vehicle status must be highlighted to our administration team via email [email protected]. A significant change would be a delay in excess of four weeks on a factory order, or two weeks on a stock order.

3.4. When quoting a delivery date, you must allow time to prepare the vehicle and arrange onward delivery. Do not quote the date the vehicle is due to arrive at the dealership as the date due to the customer. You must allow reasonable time for vehicle preparation and onward delivery.

3.5. Vehicle stock details (registration and chassis) must be input to the Portal. Any changes to the registration number must be highlight to our administration team.

4. Order Cancellation 

4.1. If we need to cancel a vehicle order, this will be done via the Portal, the primary contact at the dealership will receive an email confirming the cancellation and must acknowledge this within four workings hours.

4.2. We do not accept any cancellation charges from our dealerships for orders that have been placed and later cancelled. In certain cases, were a customer has ordered a high value vehicle to a unique specification, we will allow the dealership to take an order direct from the customer and take a deposit in line with their own order process. This will be a separate agreement between the dealership and the customer for the supply of the vehicle only.

5. Delivery Process

5.1. The dealership must not arrange any delivery arrangement with a customer direct without the prior approval of DSG Financial Services Limited. Deliveries not authorised or arranged by DSG Financial Services Limited will be at the risk of the dealership. We need to ensure all the necessary paperwork in place.

5.2. If a vehicle is delivered to an address or contact name other than the one specified on our delivery confirmation, DSG Financial Services Limited will not be liable for any costs resulting from any criminal or fraudulent activity. If a customer requests a change of delivery address or contact name via either the dealership, delivery driver or delivery agent, this must be communicated to DSG Financial Services Limited immediately, we will carry out the necessary checks and authorise the change.

5.3. Customers will be given the choice of either an AM (08:00 – 13:00) or PM (13:00 – 18:00) delivery slot. It is your responsibility to ensure this is adhered to and communicated to the delivery agent, any delays must be communicated as soon as they occur.

5.4. On the day of delivery, the customer must be called one hour prior to arrival to confirm an ETA, this allows the customer to plan their day. In the event the delivery driver does not call, and the customer is not at the address, then the driver must allow up to one hour to waiting time for the customer to arrive.

5.5. All vehicles must be delivered with at least ¼ of fuel and delivered to a high standard, if required the vehicle must be cleaned prior to the handover (do not use a mechanical car wash).

5.6. On delivery, the customer must be offered a comprehensive hand over of the vehicle covering the controls and safety features, including the location of any tools/spare wheel.

5.7. If a vehicle delivery date is delayed after it has been arranged, then the dealership will be responsible for keeping the customer mobile from the agreed delivery date until the vehicle ordered can be delivered. If the dealership/manufacturer cannot supply a suitable interim loan car, then the dealership will be responsible for third party hire company charges.

5.8. If a vehicle is delivered and the customer rejects the cars due to damage, or incorrect specification then the dealership will be responsible for keeping the customer mobile until the vehicle can be returned repaired or an alternative vehicle found. If the dealership/manufacturer cannot supply a suitable interim loan car, then the dealership will be responsible for third party hire company charges.

5.9. If a vehicle is delivered with damage on and the customer accepts the vehicle on the basis that the damage will be rectified, the dealership is responsible for making the necessary arrangements to repair the car at the convenience of the customer.

5.10. In the event a customer has incurred reasonable costs as a result of the delayed delivery, then these costs will be quantified and charged back by DSG Financial Services Limited to the dealership.

5.11. All vehicles must be registered in accordance with our delivery confirmation using the correct fleet codes and addresses provided. If a vehicle has been registered incorrectly, it is the dealership’s responsibility to rectify the position and cover any associated costs.

5.12. Once an order has been accepted and a supply price agreed, it cannot be changed, this applies to the VED rate, any budget/inflationary changes must be absorbed by the dealership. An exception to this term will be if significant policy changes happen, such as WLTP that took place in April 2020.

5.13. All vehicles must be supplied with a minimum of 12 Months VED, for vehicles that are due for delivery in the last week of a month must be taxed for 12 Months and 1 week.

5.14. The registration date of all new vehicles must be the same date as the delivery date, vehicles must not be registered in advance. The only exception to this is if a vehicle has been ordered knowing that it is a pre-registered vehicle.

5.15. If a delivery date is booked, and a registration number is later changed, any costs incurred by the customer for changing their insurance will be re-charged to the dealership. Proof of charge to customer will be supplied as confirmation.

5.16. Our standard delivery method offered is a driven delivery with a maximum delivery mileage on hand over of 300 miles. If the delivery mileage will be in excess of 300, then the vehicle must be transported at no extra cost.

5.17. We require all delivery paperwork to be provided within 72 hours of delivery, this will typically include an invoice, signed delivery note with the mileage on and an AFRL certificate.

6. Commission Payments

6.1. All commission payments in relation to introduced business due from the dealership to DSG Financial Services Limited must be paid within 30 days.

7. Customer Data

7.1. Customer data must only be used in line with the delivery process and manufacturer warranty requirements. The customer data must not be shared to any other third party or be used for any future marketing activity by the dealership or manufacturer.

Last updated - 12/08/2020